Legends Lager – 4.3% ABV

Maybe the stories are true. Or maybe the locals are doing what they do best: sitting at the pub, knocking back pints of Legends Lager with its malt sweetness and earthy Saaz hop bitterness, and spinning yarns to scare the tourists. – Mick Wüst, The Crafty Pint

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Legends Lager Ultra Crisp – 3.5% ABV

‘Thanks to the Big Boys (read: multinational commercial lager brewers), I’ve been conditioned to think that “ultra crisp” means “Now With Even Less Flavour!”

Imagine my delight when my first sip of Legends Ultra Crisp Lager sent my mind drifting to various flavour memories: biting into a ripe but firm pear with a satisfying crunch; my first taste of meloncello at the top of Mt Vesuvius; drinking lemony Bintang Radlers in the sapphire waters of a small island near Bali.

Don’t get me wrong – this beer doesn’t have a huge in-your-face fruity flavour profile. Rather, it has the crisp body and tight malt flavours of a pilsner while allowing just enough fruity esters reach your upper palate and send to you… well, wherever lofty notes of pear, melon and lemon send you.’ – Mick Wüst, The Crafty Pint

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Be More Pacific Pale Ale – 4.6% ABV

‘There’s a reef between Townsville and Magnetic Island called Middle Reef. The name may not be very creative, but this spot has some of the best spear fishing in north Queensland… if you don’t mind sharing with the bull sharks, that is.

If you’re up for something less challenging than competing with sharks for your meal, Be More Pacific Ale may be the way to go. With a lively carbonation and a touch of sweet stickiness in the body, this is a beery version of a 50/50 mix of Passito and Pineapple Fanta. Not that I’ve ever mixed them before, but somehow I think the combination would taste a lot like this.’ – – Mick Wüst, The Crafty Pint

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Tropical Coast Pale Ale – 4.4% ABV

‘Tropical Coast Pale Ale holds a pleasant middle ground in the world of pale ales: it brings in more malt character than many tropical pales, while remaining super drinkable and pleasantly fruity.

But those malts know how to behave themselves. They bring just enough honeyed sweetness to hold up the Mosaic and Amarillo hop characters while still leaving a dry finish. Citrus and tropical fruit salad up front lead into a light bready aftertaste, with a sizzle of bitterness finishing off each mouthful.’ – Mick Wüst, The Crafty Pint

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